So far I have done the Bass Drum and Floor Tom. I have tested it down to 6" diameter.  I believe a full set would look very cool. With triggering that makes the video follow the drum and many other possibilities. Album artwork, Themed Finishes, Etc. The bad it is very expensive and would take a large investment in both time and capital to mass produce the worlds most expensive drum sets. But imagine Peart or Portnoy having a massive kit tracking everything from art to flames, anything still or video tracking across this kit.


VIDEO OF Floor Tom And Bass Drum showing new ultra black film.   About the videos!  These were rough shot with iphone 6. The sync line is only there on this  video NOT in real time. These are the very first prototypes to prove concept and brightness levels.



Welcome all Drummers!  I've been playing drums on and off for a really long time! I have also been into developing ideas for drummers. This project took been  over a year to development but I am proud to announce the initial prototype for PixelHead and PixelDrum is up and running.

 Here are a couple videos showing them in action.  The shells and front head are basically video screens  allowing virtually any image to be displayed.  Take a look!

PixelHead Bass Drum Head and PixelDrum  demo Prototype 1

New Floor Tom with Vibration ISO and hi-contrast film

PixelHeads and PixelDrums display any hi-rez still or video images across drum heads and shells. Entire drum sets are now an endless video canvas.  Take a look at the two video's below.




IN DEVELOPMENT  RoboHat: Robotic remote Hi Hats.

Choruses of hi-hats can now be played live, RoboHat is a robotic remote hi-hat that is operated through your existing conventional hi-hat allowing an unlimited number of hi-hat sets to be played simultaneously by you alone. This new technique of utilizing multiple sets of hi-hats offers drummers a new method of hi-hat integration into their performance.

RoboHat allows for multiple real hi-hat cymbals to be utilized selectively or simultaneously from one pedal. Exact action of the primary HH is reproduced or electronically sampled and applied individually or across all RoboHat devices. For the first time play unlimited different Hi-Hats simultaneously.  The RoboHats can also be preprogrammed and recalled through midi or other protocols to assist in reproducing complex arrangements live.

This is your real cymbals!


IN DEVELOPMENT RoboStand: Articulating robotic stands or supports for cymbals and assorted percussion locations.


IN DEVELOPMENT ErgoThrone: Gel and Bead technology draws on Indy car and F1 racing seat developments to provide a more logical and comfortable solution for drummers. The seat is molded to your body, providing your specific seating position.


All DrumTek products are Pending Patent Approval.


Contact 702-885-5198


How I Do It


L V I, Laser Video Imaging

The unique integration of LVI,  Active Optics,  EIS, Electronic Image Stabilization and CG Mapping have made it possible to finally bring drums into the video revolution.

When developing these products all available and upcoming technologies were considered, here are some of the reasons they were excluded.

* OLED (image Burn, cannot display static image more that a couple minutes, Cost)

* LED (low resolution, the best 4mm pitch LED screen offers only 139 lines of

resolution for a 22" bass drum head vs DrumTek at 720 lines, or a 12" tom 4mm LED 76 lines vs 720)

* Traditional video projection (impossible to control focus, heat, image burn)





Your Bass Drum now a real-time video screen


* Full HD mapped Bass Drum Head.

* Any Image, video or picture

* 100% Silent Operation

* Real-time switching between sources or videos

* Live HD Camera input, map you live or your audience live on the kit while playing

* Can be controlled by iPAD or PC

* Triggering Options, MIDI, DMX, IR, Manual

* Near zero acoustical impact





Video Drum Shell Imaging, complete sets with all shells and bass drum heads are imaged and mapped. In addition to the aspects of PixelHead, special control allows for flowing images across any or part of the set  (roll across toms and images track along in real time, or simply change static textures from  red sparkle next zebra).


PixelDrums could include everything need to produce incredible visual performances. Tour ready  rack mount computer, touch screen and interfaces., robust cabling and connectors are used throughout the kit. Custom anti-vibration composite road cases are included. All of the packing cues are taken form over 30 years touring large laser systems (the most fragile items ever toured).


PixelDrums begin with the finest seamless OPTICALLY CLEAR Cast  Acrylic Shells. Coatings are then applied to inner and outer surfaces to facilitate ultra high contrast video imaging. These coatings produce a slightly warmer sounding acrylic set. When not displaying an image the shells appear to be dark gray almost black. Of course any configuration and sizes can be accommodated. I am working with a  tom mounting system  that mounts the tom from the  rear  allowing an unobstructed view of the drum shells. Kits could  also be made  in a variety of silent electronic configurations.


 A unique packaging and mounting system is designed for almost invisible acoustic impact as well as providing vibration elimination.  Totally silent operation, no fan noise to deal with and a wide operating temperature range with safety sensors and limiters, to insure complete system protection even in the harshest situations. Limitless  image library size. (Midi triggering limits files to 256 images or video clips per folder). Masking capability for sound ports, any size or location in the image field. Can be remote controlled from  MAC, PC, iPAD or Smart Phone, depending on your triggering requirements.

PixelDrum:  est $TBD