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DESIGN: Lighting , Lasers, Special F/X, Video Mapping, 3D Video, 360 Video, CAD / 3D Modeling, Adobe CS


PROGRAMMING: all Hog and most  Lighting consoles, Show Control, Midi, SMPTE, Pangolin Laser, Scenic Automation, Interactive Technologies, Light Converse


ENGINEERING: Electro-Optical product development, Composites, Electronics, Analysis, Automation / Robotics, Interactive Technologies


MANAGEMENT: Extensive product development and deployment, Comprehensive event management including marketing, logistics, code compliance, tour advancement, business development and operation.



Drums... Playing, designing and building unique drum sets bringing technologies to the drum world

Music Taste... Progressive Rock, Rock, Jazz, Classical

Photography... Abstract, Racing, Military and Experimental Aircraft

Racing ... Prototype sports cars, land speed,  Formula 1, Top Fuel, Supercross





Optics / Cameras; maintenance, repair and calibration of ultra high-speed film cameras and optical systems used in shuttle testing, film animation and other related projects, NASA late 70's

Electronics; audio systems, early synthesizer and drum integration projects,  lighting and control system integration,

Entertainment Lasers; touring and industrial system design and development, laser simulation and alternative electro mechanical optical systems, first and only moving head laser system with full CDRH USA approval.



Developed full 3D real-time VR design studio for live entertainment productions. Pioneered total show computer simulation and presentation products. ESP Studios. VR Group



I have designed lighting,  lasers and F/X for a diverse variety of shows and events over the past 35+ years. Founding four laser FX companies , a lighting design firm and a software company all applied to the live entertainment industry.  I have further designed and developed unique laser projection systems and products for the same.






1988 Democratic National Convention, Bush / Quail campaign Tour, 1996 Olympics boxing, aquatics, bad mitten,  1996 Paralympics, Atlanta Sesquicentennial Celebration, Lions Club International US / Australia / Hong Kong, Republican National Gala, Washington for Jesus, Coca-Cola Christmas party (worlds largest), Dawson’s Creek TV show, Merk, River Fest, Anheuser Bush, Roxy Theater, Club 688, Hoosker Do, Savin, Reebok, Atlanta / Montreux Jazz Festival, hundreds of industrial, trade events and exhibits.



Tours; John McEnroe, ACVB,  Sting, Run DMC, Fat Boys, LL Cool J,  Travis Tritt, UniverSoul Circus,  Alabama, Linkin Park

Special one off events: Tim McGraw / Faith Hill millennium show, Playboy Mansion 2 events, Falcon Jet roll-out

Theme Parks and Industrials: Six Flags Batman Shows. LA Gear, Equifax,  Universal Studios Halloween, Toshiba, Heineken, Agel, TAO, Microsoft, Bellsouth, Kroger,Winter In Venice (Venetian Casino Las Vegas)


VR CONCERTS: all lighting, laser, f/x,  video design and programming. Comprehensive event and project management.

FlashBack and Icons of Rock Shows



VENTURES history


1996-2001 ESP Studios: Stopped designing to focus on developing full show 3D computer simulation  tools for designers of high end events. At the time I had the only stereoscopic computer simulation studio dedicated to live performance simulation. In 2001 was granted patent for Stereoscopic Simulation of Live Performances, pioneered large-scale computer simulation technologies. Clients included Lynard Skynard, Enrique Iglesias, Christina Agulara, and many large scale sporting and entertainment events. Raised the bar for presentation and simulation  technologies in our industry.  Until 2010 ESP was the most advance computer simulation product for live performance in the world.


2002- 2007  Laserwurx:  After selling ESP Studios I relocated from Las Vegas to Nashville to develop first and only moving head laser systems to achieve FDA / CDRH approval for sale in the US. Launched products at 2003 LDI winning awards for product and booth while acquiring sales and the Linkin Park Meteora tour. Moved sales and administration to Las Vegas in late 2004. Our Las Vegas studio was the largest live demo studio in the US at the time with a 100 x 60’ draped and carpeted demo studio incorporating  leather theater recliners, a full bar, 5 laser systems, 46 vari-lite moving lights, 22 atomic strobes, 2- 10 x 15’ moving RP screens, an 18’ x 32’ 3d video screen, a 40 x 20’ moving scrim, low fog, haze, pyro-jets and various other gags. The 14 min demo was time code synched and included songs from U2, Coldplay, Evanescence and movie soundtracks.  This turned out to be quiet the draw for potential clients and we generally never had a client see the demo and walk without closing a deal, either purchase or rental.  More Info


2007-2012 VRC (Virtual Reality Concerts): After closing Laserwurx  due to the fallen economy I began building special projects for artist such as Mobius 8 and a few others.  In 2006 began again producing the full VR concerts by demand from our demonstration studio modules. The show Flash Back and Icons of Rock were developed and presented in late 2006-2010 through my VR Concerts; company. More Info


2010-2016 VRG  (Virtual Reality Group) I again visited developing the VR aspects of  simulation studios  but this time based on an existing product out of the Ukraine (Light Converse) (similar to ESP without the limitations). The goal again was to  deliver complete hardware and software solutions to production companies, for total show design, programming and presentation. Installed first full full VR Production design studio "RONAN Design Studios" in2014. While the system and technology are outstanding and remain unprecedented, the support and effort required proved to be far too expensive for the market.  This platform however provides a strong base for many simulation and VR applications.  As 360 Video VR and HMD's are finally being accepted in to the main stream,  opportunities are emerging in many industries for this technology. More Info


2015 DRUM TEK  Innovative products for drums and percussion. Video mapping on drum and head surfaces. Robotics products. More Info

I think I was addicted to technology from birth I believe everything is possible I know the only walls in life, are the ones you build Embracing this allows me to pursue all of my interest. Thanks for visiting my website. Don Tyra






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